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Memo To: Ms. Wilkinson From: John Wissing CC: Approval Memorandum Date: 00:09:11 My problem is with people driving while on the cell phone. There are way too many accidents due to this problem. Studies have shown that people can’t fully focus on driving while holding a conversation on the cell phone. I want to write about this topic to fully understand the dangers in driving while on your cell phone and if there is a difference in hands free or Bluetooth devices. People should know the real dangers just by answering there phone.
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Unformatted text preview: I am guilty of being on the phone or texting someone, then realizing I don’t remember the last five minutes of driving. In those five minutes how many laws did I break or how fast was I going or maybe how many people I cut off or did I stop at that light back there. People just need to know the true about this topic and not just gossip that others tell them. 1...
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