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5 Introduction I was informed of the growing problem of drivers being distracted by talking on their cell phone and started looking into this subject. This report presents the findings of my study. I recognized the growing numbers of cell phone users in Texas and how often they are on them. I researched different US States and other countries to figure out what they have done about this growing problem. I then researched the cost of and what it would take for a law to be enforced on the 77,000 miles of Texas roads. The current law in Texas dealing with talking on a cell phone and driving is that there isn’t one. A conversation can be very distracting and could cause a driver to loss focus on his/her surroundings. Considering how busy Texas roads are this causes a major problem and increases the risk of an accident. Also with all the road construction always going on in Texas, the added distraction of a cell phone is not something a driver needs to be doing with workers just on the side of the road. Also in the last five years cell phone owners have jumped from 94 million to over 130 million in
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