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Memo To: Ms. Wilkinson From: John Wissing Subject: Driving on the Cell Phone Date: 19:31:35 The purpose of memo is to go over the main points and risks of driving while on the cell phone. To inform the state of Texas Congress the different dangers and to get a law to be passed that will put some kind of restraints on drive with a cell phone. First, the investigation started with a look of national studies done by different universities and different companies. The number of Americans who have a personal cell phone is increasing every year. According to the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association over 254 million people subscribe to a cell phone in February 08. That means that about 85% of Americas have some kind of wireless device. Those are just outrageous numbers considering that any Americans under the age 16 do not typically have a cell phone. That just shows you that almost everyone who drives has a cell phone. In January a company by the name of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. found out that around 73% of the people that they surveyed
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