Results - Results In this section, I present the results of...

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Results In this section, I present the results of my research. I covered the cost of the law to be passed and what extra resources must be used to enforce such a law and the benefits of the law. The following results correspond to the tasks described in the research methods section. 1. Calculating the Cost to Pass and Enforce the Law In the average cost for any bill to pass through the State of Texas congress and both Houses would be about 95$ per hour spend debating on any particular bill. With the facts that are going to be presented hopefully that time duration will be short. Although there is no real way to calculate what the bill will cost until it gets passed, consider that 20 out of the 50 United States already have a bill against driving while talking on the cell phone. Also, 49 out 52 other countries not including the United States have put some restraints or outlawed it completely. Considering this, the bill stands a fare chance of being passed within a reasonable time period. The added cost of to enforce the law if passed would be minimal if at all. Enforcement officers already go around checks for inspection stickers as they drive. All they would have to do is look if the driver is holding a phone up his/her ear. Much more visible then trying to read a small number in the corner of the glass windshield. Stopping the use of a wireless device such as blue-tooth will be a bit harder to control but just making it a law people will be more against using one unless of age. There are also speeding and light
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Results - Results In this section, I present the results of...

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