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6 Research Methods To better understand the driving hazards while talking on the cell phone and the different options for solving the problem, I performed the following research: 1. I investigated the growing problem with drivers talking on the cell phone and the growing numbers of Americans who have some kind of wireless device. To figure out the number of people who have some kind of hands free device. I also investigated the real dangers behind driving while talking on their cell phone and if there is a difference in a hands free device or not. To figure how dangerous it is to text message while driving a motorized vehicle 2. I investigated the different methods to solve the growing problem of cell phones on the roads of today: To take no action and aloud the problem to continue with more and more people getting cell phones every day. To put some restrains against driving with a cell phone. To not allow a driver under the age of 18 to have any kind of use of a wireless device and have different
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