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Soc 152a Midterm

Soc 152a Midterm - Sexuality Midterm#2 Review Bacterial...

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Sexuality Midterm #2 Review Bacterial Infections Name Clamydia Causes Bacteria Symptoms Females: - Abdominal pain - Disrupted menstruation - May cause infertility - Nausea and vomiting - May also be asymptomatic Males: - Epididymitis - Discharge - Burning during urination - Swelling of the testicles Transmission STD - Penile-Vaginal - Penile-Anal - Oral-Genital Most susceptible Women Complications - Trachoma: Leading cause of preventable blindness passed from mother to child during childbirth, form of conjunctivitis - PID and/or pregnancy problems (Eg. Ectopic pregnancy) Other information Treatable Name Gonorrhea Causes Bacteria Symptoms Females: - Green or yellowish discharge (often undetected) - PID - Starts asymptomatic - Burning during urination Males: - Cloudy discharge - Burning during urination Transmission STD - Oral-Anal
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- Oral-Genital - Penile-Vaginal - Penile-Anal Most susceptible Women Complications Females: - PID e Sterility - Painful coitus - Newborns may develop eye infections in the birth canal - Trichomoiasis, which can mask the symptoms Males: - Inflammation of testicles/scrotum - Infections of structures (eg prostate) - General discomfort
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