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105 final review - Total rooms: Reservations on books:...

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Housekeeping Financial Statement Critique: Actual Productivity= actual man hours/actual occupied rooms Budgeted Produtivity= budgeted man hours/budgeted occupied rooms Actual CPOR= actual cash spent/actual occupied rooms budgeted CPOR= budgeted cash spent/budgeted occupied rooms ADR=room revenue/room nights sold Occupancy %= room nights sold/room nights available RevPar= room revenue/available room Transient Displacement:
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Unformatted text preview: Total rooms: Reservations on books: Rooms available: Expected demand: Rooms available: Group wants: Trans. Displacement: How much will displaced guests bring vs. group? Rooms x rate = __________ - marginal costs x rooms= ________ Don’t figure out CPOR for office supplies and the phone: b/c doesn’t relate to how many rooms you sell Market share(index): (Your _______/average of competitive set) =%...
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