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LEC 1 What are automats? - vending m achines Julia Child is best known for her many cookbooks and her television series, The French Chef, which ran for ten years. What are speakeasies? What period of time did they emerge? Why was that period of time so important in the evolution of the foodservice industry? - Speakeasies: an establishm ent secretly sold alcoholic beverages during prohibition (1920-1933) - Important to the evolution of the food service industry because spe akeasie were often elaborate, offering food, live bands, floor shows, and strip joints What is molecular gastronomy? - in cooking, the study and application of che mistry, physics, and other scientific principles, and m aterials, term coined by Herve This and Nicholas Kurti In terms of foodservice trends, what have been the defining the m es of the e ar portion of the first decade of 2000? - m ulti-branding - com munication technology (tech for consistency and spe ed) - international expansion - fast casual take-over - molecular gastronomy - channel blurring LEC 2 What is typically included under "eating places"? - independent unites - restaurant company w/ m ultiple concepts & limited # of units - franchise syste m (burger king) - restaurant chain or m ulti-unit
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What are the two current drivers of the industry? Explain in your own words an provide concrete examples of what foodservice companies are doing to exploi those drivers. - Driver # 1: Convenience and Customization Not fast food. Better food, fast. –Sheetz - Driver # 2: The dining ‘experience’ Features/attributes --> benefits Benefits Functional: what does it do for me (save time) Psycho-social: how does it make me feel/how do others see me What is meant by an "independent"? -
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106 prelim1review - LEC 1 What are automats? - vending...

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