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I. Intro A. Smoking tobacco is cool but cigarettes are chemical-filled and taste bad 1. Hookah is a great alternative B. Specific Purpose: to inform on how to properly use a hookah C. When choosing to smoke, one must know about hookahs, how to assemble them, and how to clean them II. Knowledge A. Hookah is a centuries-old smoking device, originated in Middle East 1. Uses indirect heat and water filtration B. Can range in size from 1-5 feet. Many different styles (11 different categories on Social Smoke) C. Used to smoke flavored tobacco covered in molasses (shisha) D. Prices vary, can be purchased in person (Tony’s) or online (Social Smoke) III. Assembling/loading/smoking A. Parts (Bottom to top) 1. Water Jar 2. Gasket 3. Hoses
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Body 5. Plate 6. Bowl B. Fill base w/ water and ice C. Load bowl, cover in foil, poke holes D. Heat coals and put them on top, then youre good to go! E. SMOKE!!!!! IV. Cleaning A. Key aspect to having a working hookah 1. Many hookahs come with cleaning supplies, but it’s important to know how to use them. 2. Not cleaning results in poor taste and smoke quality B. Easiest to do in bathtub, need lots of warm water C. Use various sized brushes to clean out body D. To clean hoses, run water through them and then knock dirt out V. Conclusion A. Now that you’ve learned all this, its time to flaunt your skills B. Use your new hookah to meet new friends at public parks, college campuses, etc....
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