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Paul Moses Speech Summary Elements of good personnel management within an engineering organization. Group focus When managing personnel, it’s important to view them as a group. The workplace is a community, and it’s important that everyone involved in the community is happy to create an ideal work environment Hire the right people It’s important to hire people who will work well in the environment they are placed in. The most qualified applicant isn’t always the best fit for a company. Build community Building community is critical to having an effective business. Due to the nature of the work, including things such as group projects, it is important that everyone in the workplace is able to work together. Allow flexible hours Due to the project nature of engineering, one can have the option of scheduling flexible work hours. By making hours less rigid, one can easily make employees happier
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Unformatted text preview: while still getting the same production. Pay competitively Pay is a key motivator for employees. In order to have the ability to hire desirable people, one must be aware of wage trends and be willing to match offers made by other companies. Offer incentives Incentives provide a way to motivate employees. If they understand that their work has a direct impact on them, it generally provides a better finished product. Good facilities The ambient environment in a workplace is an often-underrated aspect of personnel management. Having clean, up to date facilities makes employees more excited to go to work, and shows a commitment to the employees. Sources Interview: Steve Sweet, Quadrant Consulting, Boise ID Wikipedia: Human resource management...
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