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Mr. Tim Silva, Staff Architect Soderotrum Architects Mr. Silva: Attached are my calculations regarding the conversion of selected rooms of Swindells Hall into library stack space. I performed calculations regarding the effect this conversion would have on the vertical load of footing E8. This report will show the dead load on the footing. It will also show the current live load as well as the live load should library stacks be added. The University of Portland library foresees a shortage in library stack space within 5 years. As a result, President Matthew Kuhn, C.S.C. commissioned VLMJ Consulting Engineers to look into converting rooms 318, 320, and 343 of Swindells Hall into library stack space. Swindells Hall is a three-story science building with both labs and offices. The rooms to be converted are all labs. As previously mentioned, these calculations show the change in vertical load of footing E8. They do not show the full load change on the entire building. To determine these loads, I consulted the drawings of Swindells Hall. I consulted
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Unformatted text preview: the 2003 International Building Code to find accepted values for load in classrooms, corridors, and library stacks. I then calculated the current total load and the proposed future load as well as the percent change in the total load. TABLE 1: Results of Calculations Dead Load – Roof 19881 lbs 3 rd Floor 54031 lbs 2 nd Floor 53980 lbs TOTAL DEAD LOAD 127,892 lbs Live Load – Roof 14850 lbs 2 nd Floor 29440 lbs 3 rd Floor (Present) 29440 lbs 3 rd Floor with stacks 45775 lbs TOTAL LIVE LOAD (PRESENT) 73,730 lbs TOTAL LIVE LOAD (WITH STACKS) 90,065 lbs TOTAL LOAD (PRESENT) 201,622 lbs TOTAL LOAD (WITH STACKS) 217,957 lbs The conversion from classroom space to stack space will cause an 8% increase in the vertical load on E8. With that in mind, I believe footing E8 would be able to support the increase in load represented by library stacks. Sincerely, Paul E. Moses, PE Project Engineer...
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