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Juan Rodriguez ID-21850600 February 12, 2008 Legal Studies 250 A Civil Action: Marc Galanter Perspective A quick summary of what this movie revolves around is that there was a tannery and a factory in Woburn, Massachusetts that would dump toxic chemicals on the ground. The poison traveled into the water table and was pumped by two wells into the drinking water. Eight neighborhood children died of leukemia. The families of the children sue Beatrice Foods and W. R. Grace, the mega firms responsible for the pollution. That’s where the lawyer Jan Schlictmann, played by John Travolta, comes into the story. Schlictmann owns a small and successful plaintiff’s personal injury firm. He decides to represent the Woburn families in the lawsuit. The two big companies are represented by 2 major Boston law firms. Marc Galanter, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, wrote an essay on his theory which basically stated that huge law firms or “repeat players” have an advantage going up against the first timers or “one-shotters”. This film displayed a perfect example of this
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Leg.Stud.Civil.Action - Juan Rodriguez ID-21850600 February...

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