Pushman - (The Pushman and Other Stories by Tatsumi...

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( The Pushman and Other Stories ) by Tatsumi 21850600 Yoshihiro Tatsumi is what’s known as a mangaka or Japanese for a comic artist. He is widely credited with starting a new style of alternative comics in Japan, having allegedly coined the term in 1957. Tatsumi was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1935, and began his career by writing and drawing comics for a sophisticated adult readership in a realistic style he called Gekiga. He is known as the grandfather of alternative manga for the adult reader. In one of his most famous works, The Pushman and Other Stories , he peels away the coated layers of the social and sexual surfaces of the Japanese to reveal the true colors beneath. They have been a society that traditionally doesn’t come to mind when you think of controversial or sexual subjects. These stories are dark, odd, and in a way somewhat humorous as they show the relationship between the overwhelmingly loud, busy modern society and the troubled emotional and sexual life of the main character. Each of his stories revolve around some sort of lusty or sexually twisted situation. In my opinion, it seems like Tatsumi is trying to gain an audience by writing about things that are somewhat controversial and very nontraditional. In the first one of the stories, “Black Smoke”, a man that works at a garbage plant becomes impotent due to a car accident. His constantly drunk wife always makes fun of him. Then towards the end he has to throw away a fetus that his wife had aborted. This story takes a dark look at a life of man who can’t sexually satisfy his wife and is in
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Pushman - (The Pushman and Other Stories by Tatsumi...

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