depression in women

depression in women - Depression is a condition that...

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Depression is a condition that affects woman in far greater proportions than men. About one in five females, more than double the amount of men, are afflicted by depression. The numbers seem staggering, but a look at the array of different forms of depression that affect women seems to shed some light on the disparity. Women suffer from post-partum depression, premenstrual syndrome depression, and other more specific forms of gender-based depression that men simply do not experience. It would seem that these specific depressive episodes seem to tie into the hormonal makeup of females. This conclusion bears even more weight when it is considered that the onset of depression is relatively consistent between prepubescent males and females and as well as post- menopausal females and similarly aged males, and only seems to diverge in adolescent, adulthood stages. However, for a more complete understanding of the disparity, one must also consider that men and women differ in more ways than just hormonal and biological makeup; sociological factors may play a part as well. A biological method of theorizing depression disparity in males and females
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depression in women - Depression is a condition that...

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