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COMM 305 Chapter 9 Theories of Discourse and Interaction Communication is an interaction, process, and ongoing Sender and receiver perspectives alone are not enough to capture communicating A Rollercoaster makes a nice analogy So, hold on to your seats, there, we are in for a wild theoretical ride through the process of discourse and interaction Speech Act Theory Speech Act Theory Syntactics – rules (grammars) that govern Pragmatics – language in use (situation, intent) Early S.A.T. From Austin to Searle We are performing an action with words – not just randomly stringing together or regurgitating some meaning We perform an act on multiple levels in the process of speaking Speaking of Levels… Utterance act – saying the words Propositional act – say something you believe to be true – it also connects the utterance to the world Together, these 2 make the Locutionary act Illocutionary act – the meaning or force of the statement, which can be different even with the same words
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problem44_39 - 44.39: m me E mp mn mve so assuming mve 0,...

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