Consumer Climate

Consumer Climate - • Uses tactics to create fear of...

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I. The 1920s Political Climate Republicans rule War brings up issues about what is civilization Loss of unions Pension plans+ higher wages= fewer worker turnovers Company union Welfare capitalism II. The Consumer Culture “A culture is one where people have the money to spend on the things they don’t necessarily need. Meaning attached to value of what people can buy.” Things people buy: Makeup Perfume Deodorant Radio Fridge Toaster Vacuum 1. Key Causes: Per capita income increased around 30% More discretionary income Still not glory days for the working class but no longer hand in mouth Gives them purchasing power Costs of many of items are decreasing Mass production makes products cheaper Advertising is born Focus on fear
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Unformatted text preview: • Uses tactics to create fear of humiliation • Installment plans 2. The Consumerist Ethos • Rebellion of earlier values • Value of self restraint; control self, control impulses • People put emphasis on what you consumed • How well could you provide for your family • New generation not buying that luxury is corrupt • Liberating era for working class women • Generational divide by consumerist ethos 3. Consumerism and Economic Prosperity • Manufacturing output increases considerably • Automobiles affects economy greatly III. The Rise of Mass Culture: 1. The New Electronic Media • Film and Radio makes entertainment massive! • 1923- 500 radio stations • 1927- NBC formed •...
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Consumer Climate - • Uses tactics to create fear of...

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