What was the Cold War

What was the Cold War - Chilly relations: George...

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I. What was the Cold War? II. Origins: Chilly Relations, 1917-45 a. Ideological Conflict b. Decades of Mistrust c. WWII: Disagreements among Allies 1. Timing the Invasion of France 2. Shaping the Future of Europe III. The Road to Cold War, 1945-52 a. Birth of “Containment” Policy b. Truman Doctrine c. The Marshall Plan d. The Berlin Blockade e. Creation of NATO IV. The Cold War and Asia a. The Fall of China b. The Battle for Korea What was the cold war: Ideological war between capitalism and communism
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Unformatted text preview: Chilly relations: George Kennan-Wrote a long telegram that described the threat of the Soviet Union Truman Doctrine-• Foreign policy for the Truman Administration. • Before WWII, brits world power • Marshall plan • Large aid program to countries of western Europe • Passes in feb 1948 • 13 billion dollars to france, italy, etc. to jumpstart economy •...
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