US Involvement in the Vietnamese Civil War

US Involvement in the Vietnamese Civil War - and to prevent...

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US Involvement in the Vietnamese Civil War- Origins of American Involvement- Actively in Vietnam since the 1950 Pops up on radar in 1965 Vietnam was a very difficult war to fight. Point of WWII was to stop type of colonization After WWII, Vietnam declares its independence from France in 1945 Ho Chi Mien communist France doesn’t want to abide by the Atlantic Charter US decides to let France do this, because they don’t want the spread of communism France fights, US fronts the bill Truman Doctrine By 1954, Vietnamese are successful Split Vietnam into two countries, N. and S. Vietnam North is communist, south is not America et al. support South Vietnam 800-17000 military advisors “If Vietnam falls, it will spread to Hawaii, and then flow into San Francisco” Debate over the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Destroyer in Gulf fired on by N. Vietnamese ships. Empowered president Johnson all necessary measures to protect American troops
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Unformatted text preview: and to prevent aggression • Sort of a blank check • Administration being devious From Air • March 1965 America begins bombing N. Vietnam • Months afterwards commits ground troop • Secure air fields for continued bombing • June 1965 ground troops sent for search and destroy missions • 180000 ground troops • Increases to half million troops in two years Tactical Difficulties • Not a traditional war • Guerilla warfare used in south • VietCong (VC) army • Strategy of Pacification • The My Lai Massacre feb 1968 • Group of soldiers snapped in the town • Killed over 200 civilians, many women and children • Undermines American support Mobilization against the war. Led by SDS. 300000 in central park. Presented a political problem for Johnson. President Johnson decides to not run for second term....
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US Involvement in the Vietnamese Civil War - and to prevent...

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