The Second New Deal

The Second New Deal - • Payment program for entitled poor...

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I. The Second New Deal, 1935-36 1. Expanded Relief: Creation of the WPA 2. Reform Programs a. Social Security Act b. National Labor Relations Act II. The Election of 1936 1. The “Roosevelt Coalition” 2. The Triumph and Limits of Liberalism Workers Progress Administration Social Security Act National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) The Roosevelt Coalition Creation of the WPA Gov’t spends $10.5 Billion Lasts till 1941 Employed about 3 million people a year Paid about $55 a month Over 100,000 buildings made or renovated Gov’t steps up as free market employer Reform Programs— Social Security Act Does three things Contributes wage taxes so when retired, draw benefits Mandatory old age benefits Modified version of the Townsend Plan. Created the unemployment insurance program Get paid to look for new jobs For set period of time after loss of jobs Plan for structural unemployment Created a small program called welfare programs
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Unformatted text preview: • Payment program for entitled poor • Typically disabled Americans • Passed and signed in FDR’s first term National Labor Relations Act • Gives Americans right to form into unions • Corporations have to deal with the unions • Also called Wagner Act • Passes in 1935 • Prohibits firing of union organizers, or other reprisals • Guarantees this right to unionize • Establishes National Labor Relations Board • Mediator between workers and owners • Economy still in depression, but aids those that are suffering. The Election of 1936 • Runs against Alf Landon • Wins with 61% of popular votes • Working class becomes heart and soul of his coalition • Members of coalition- farmers, urban workers, native born whites • Pay more attention to class in this election rather than race or location....
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The Second New Deal - • Payment program for entitled poor...

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