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The Roots of Student Oppositions

The Roots of Student Oppositions - • Damage was really...

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The Roots of Student Oppositions- Forcing war without debate Saw irony in that War not going well in 66. Everyone worried about the war The Tet Offensive- Word out of white house is things are going well The tet offensive was a surprise attack Jan 31, 1968 Vietnamese holiday Expected holiday break Got a major uprising, invaded hundreds cities and towns Pierced embassy compound Victory lasted for only a few days Americans lost control (Vietnam is first televised war) Shows the people that Johnson is not honest about the war
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Unformatted text preview: • Damage was really striking • Editorials came out strongly for demobilization • Before Tet- 60% for, 24% against… After Tet- 41% for, and 42% against • Big shift in public opinion War Under President Nixon-• Nixon de-escalate in first term • Withdrawal with honor • Secretly starts bombing neighboring countries • Kent university shooting • Peace accord that brought cease fire • South Vietnam fell and is now a communist state • Trust in govt erodes •...
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