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persuasive speech outline - Topic: Specific Purpose: Death...

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Topic: Death Penalty Specific Purpose: To persuade against the capital punishment Intro: If an automobile company had cars that would cause death one out of every eight times, would you buy from that company? Of course you wouldn’t. No one would accept that many innocent deaths. According to a University of Columbia study, between 1973 and 2000, 88 people have been proven innocent and released from death row compared to 650 who have been executed. That’s about the same number of innocent people dying as in the case of the hypothetical auto producer. Yet the death penalty still stands in many states. The fact is that many innocent lives have been taken by a flawed federal system in the past, and even with DNA testing, there are likely to be many more. Preview: After doing extensive research on capital punishment, I have discovered many reasons why it should not be used. I plan to explain how the death penalty is defective by the innocent lives it takes, its cost, its failure to deter crimes, and how it doesn’t lessen the pain of those who were close to a homicide victim. Body I. The system is effective and works a. The system is actually flawed with mistakes b. Many people end up on death row because they can’t afford a lawyer and are left with inadequate defense c. University of Columbia study showed “serious errors in 68 percent of capital convictions between 1973 and 1995. Most due to incompetent defense lawyers and misconduct by prosecutors d. Illinois imposed a moratorium (a suspension) on the death penalty after 13 death row inmates were exonerated e. CBS News Legal Consultant Andrew Cohen: “In Illinois, they’ve stopped them altogether because of a horrendous record; other states are considering
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persuasive speech outline - Topic: Specific Purpose: Death...

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