Immigrants in Industrial America

Immigrants in Industrial America - I. Immigrants in...

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I. Immigrants in Industrial America a. Who Were the “New Immigrants?” i. Rising Pace of immigration ii. Shifting Ethno-Cultural Backgrounds iii. Lower economic status b. Migration Patterns i. Settler and Sojourner Migration ii. Urban Settlement iii. Formation of Ethnic Enclaves c. The Immigrants’ Reception in America i. Immigrants and American Culture ii. Immigrants and the Political Order d. Immigration Restrictions effect Sojourner migration Ethnic enclaves “Anglo-Saxon myth” Immigration Restriction League Three reactions to immigrations Three threats Economic Culturally Politically Culturally- all these different cultures will wash out the American traditions Anglo-Saxons are better than all others Came from a myth to try and pump up American culture Has consequences with race Americans want to restrict immigration to keep out inferior races “ I have stood near Ellis Island and seen races of far greater peril to us than the Irish. I have seen the Hungarians, and the Italians, and the Poles. I have seen the
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Immigrants in Industrial America - I. Immigrants in...

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