scientology - Scientology can be defined as an organized...

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Scientology can be defined as an organized religion that at its core believes that humans possess a potential far greater than we can understand given our state of existence. This line of thought is coupled with the belief that individuals can be self- improved provided civilization ceases viewing the human race as simply another form of animal or physical mechanism. Scientology also teaches that one must regard a human as a spiritual being so that one can receive the ability to fully understand what kind of composite mankind really is. The primary assertion made from this contention is that societies fall when they have failed to realize this important component of the equation. It is argued that the path of scientology is not easy to follow, as it requires that people become more responsible and ethical by forcing them to deal with personal issues the majority of people choose to bury or ignore. By its very definition, these facets of life are too uncomfortable for the average person to bear. The Church of Scientology (herein referred to as COS) believes that overcoming and dealing with these problems is possible if done in a scientifically reproducible way. The origin of the term “Scientology” is taken from the Latin word scio and the Greek word logos. Thus by definition, Scientology claims to teach people how to learn and to enable people with the tools to become better at examining information given to them in order to decide what is real and what isn’t. Ultimately the goal is to teach people how to become skeptics. One of the COS’s major mottos is, “What is true, is true to you”. Essentially, if anything fails to make sense to an individual, its not a concept with which anything real can be done. Pretending and going through the motions is without justification as any action or consideration that does not result in a better understanding of life and how things work on the planet, it is useless to study. This is one of the
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primary reasons that the COS is at odds with the field of psychiatry. Scientology dictates that problems should be directly considered and handled rather than simply medicating the symptoms. Also, recent studies seem to indicate that practicing scientology results in raised intelligence and the regaining of native abilities. While the result of the studies is
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scientology - Scientology can be defined as an organized...

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