Anth 2010 ex. 3 sg

Anth 2010 ex. 3 sg - Review Scavenger Hunt and Neanderthal...

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Review Scavenger Hunt and Neanderthal Articles NO CLADOGRAM Species Pan troglodytes – Chimpanzee, 393 cc, same MD quotient as us of 3.9, this is only species with cc and MD quotient numbers Sahelantheropus tchadensis – oldest known hominid found in Chad. Toumai is individual. Orrorin Tugenensis – fossil fragment with a couple femurs and partial, 13 fragments, they said it was a direct answer which is dicey Ardipithecus ramidis – once australpithacus, means ground ape. Their teeth looks like Chimp not Human **** and Found in regions with high pollen from tropical plants, suggestive of tropical environment outside of conventional ideas of how bipedalism evolved Austral. Africanus – Discovered by Dart **, first Austral. Found, suggested to be ancestor to piranthropenes and genus homo Austral Garhi – First hominid found in association with stone tols, which were 20 feet away. Paranth aethiopicus – The Black Skull Paranth Robustus – South African Paranth, High Sagital crests, big teeth (all paranths). Paranth boisei – Largest MD quotient, moeller teeth 4x larger than ours. Homo habilis – The handy man. The animal that definitely starts using stone tools, more gracile skeleton, less crests, pushed in face, larger brain, but retains limb proportions for climbing Homo Rudolphensis – Diff type of habilis, brainier, but EQ is less (b/c you scal to body size), to all practical purposes same as habilis Homo erectus- Loses hair, leaves Africa, uses fire, limp proportions and pelvis start really looking like humans, efficient bipeds so lose tree dwelling ability Homo ergaster- Narikitomi Boy, died when he was 12, right on target with human
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Anth 2010 ex. 3 sg - Review Scavenger Hunt and Neanderthal...

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