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Annotanted bibliography sword

Annotanted bibliography sword - Jared Kass Mr Hessler...

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Jared Kass Mr. Hessler 2/21/07 Japanese History The History of the Samurai Sword Annotated Bibliography Doczekal, Mathias. "THE HISTORY OF THE SAMURAI SWORD." Takeda Ryu . 21 Feb. 2007 <http://www.takedaryu.com/berichte/swords.htm>. I feel that this website will be beneficial to me during the research process. The article on this website is very informative and contains many facts about the history of the samurai swords, and the ways that they are made. I will use this website and this article in particular to gain a better understanding of the samurai sword. Grancsay, Stephen V. "Three Primitive Japanese Swords." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin : 208-210. Jstor . 21 Feb. 2007. This primary document contains many facts and information about the different types of swords and the ways that they are created. This article also touches upon the ways that these swords were used in battle. I believe that this source will be vital in my understanding of the samurai sword and its history.
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