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Reaction Paper #2 - William Amrhein ANTH 2020 Reaction...

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William Amrhein ANTH 2020 Reaction Paper #2 March 2, 2008 Summary: In both Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and the film The Island of Lost Souls there is a crazed scientist who tries to play god in his own way. Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the monster, lives a life of anguish because of his creation. On the island, Dr. Moreau lives out his erratic fantasy of controlling his own race on his secluded island of horrors. Both have self- centered, maniacal reasons behind their scientific journeys, and both their stories have unhappy endings due to their motives. Dr. Moreau is empowered by his totalitarian control over his creations, and brutally forces them to abide by his rules and participate in his research. Victor Frankenstein wanted to discover the secret of life and natural philosophy, but doesn’t have the psychological stability to deal with the “monster” he’s created. In both of these stories, one is more awe-stricken by the unorthodox, godless behavior of the “normal” scientists, than the monsters whose only “abnormalities” are the physical ones shown or described. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is told through the eyes of several different acquaintances of Victor’s, every angle giving light to periods of social isolation and crippling guilt in his life. Even though Victor is the original person to recognize the good that could be brought out of creating a monster, his fear and disgust towards it leads to the monster’s abandonment, and thirst for revenge. Without Victor’s actions, the monster would have not caused so much trouble, and Victor’s loved ones would have stayed alive. The story of Dr. Moreau and the Island of Lost Souls shows, through the eyes of an outsider, that the animosity of the ruler is much more horrifying than the monsters he’s created, who revolt and destroy everything Dr. Moreau spent his life building. Evaluation:
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Reaction Paper #2 - William Amrhein ANTH 2020 Reaction...

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