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Scattered Causation: different things that cause you to do something, occurs when a number of physically distinct influences are usefully grouped together and treated as a unified force for some explanatory purpose, such as depression. Eliminativism: mental states do not exist Materialism : only material things have substance and exist, all reality is essentially material Zombie Argument: denounces physicialism Supervenience: a dependent relationship held between sets of properties Churchland : folk psychology does not exist, we should look to cognitive science either to confirm or disprove these phenomenal mental states. Objection to a funcionalist theory of mental states:
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Unformatted text preview: The Chinese room directly attacked the claim that thought can be represented as a set of function. The thought experiment asserts that it’s possible to mimic intelligent action without any real understanding simply through the use a functional system. Two important historical developments that laid the foundation for computationalism: The Turing machine and cognitive science Narrationism : we create a conception of ourselves based on our collective life experiences Identity Theory: mental states are identical to brain states, pain is physical because it’s simply the firing of c-fibers and nothing else....
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