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CSA 273 REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM II TEST DATE: March 12, 2007 Test Format: 60 points consisting of 4 - 5 problems. You may use an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of notes, both sides if necessary during exam. Material covered: a. Sections 3.1-3.4,3.6, 11.5, Page 846-852 of Winston's text. b. Use of tax and depreciation in Financial models. Topics/expectations: Formulation of LP problems (2-3 problems) a. Give clear concise definitions of the decision variables. b. State objective function and tell whether it is to maximimized or minimized. c. State all constraints involving decision variables including non-negativity constraints. (Do not be concerned with integer restrictions on variables.) d. Study homework and class examples. 1) Diet Problems, Minimization LP 2) Capital Budgeting
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Production Problems with Capacity Constraints (labor,materials Graphical solution of LP problems (involving two decision variables) a. Be able to sketch the region satisfying the constraints of the problem b. From graph of feasible region, be able to identify/solve (1) The optimal solution to LP problem. (2) A problem that is infeasible. (3) A problem that is unbounded. Taxes and Depreciation a. Study class examples and Homework#3 and Problem #1 of Homework #4 Inventory Problem (nonlinear problem) a. Be able to determine the optimal order quantity that results in maximizing profits given cost information. Golden Section Search a. Be able to go through 1 iteration of the method to find the new interval of uncertainty....
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