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Fernando - Fernando goes beyond saying that the veil is...

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Fernando goes beyond saying that the veil is acceptable because the women choose it for themselves, she tries to make the point that the very nature of the veil (a combination of personal choice on the part of the woman and her desire to submit to a higher religious authority and its traditions. Throughout the article, she challenges ideas that sometimes we take for granted as being true and without outright saying it, she infers that they are a result of our Judeo-Christian values. The idea that personal autonomy is opposite from “normative authority” isn’t a fact but an outgrowth of the interiority of Christianity. I noticed that a French-Muslim Houria said that veiling must be a choice “because it’s really something between you and God”. This struck me as leaning towards the idea of religion as a personal practice, adapted for the private sphere that lends itself better to secular society. This is certainly a different attitude toward veiling than the mandates in certain Middle Eastern countries. Could this be an indication of the
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