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LAI 350 Observation Paper 1

LAI 350 Observation Paper 1 - Sarah Shelden LAI 350...

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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 1 The first class I observed was an accounting one class which consisted of about ten students in grades 9-12. I observed a day where students were encouraged to do independent work. They were given pages in a workbook to complete. Some students were given the opportunity to do other tasks as their work was already completed, or the teacher trusted that they would get work done later. Students would work on accounting for the school store, counting cash, debiting or crediting a worksheet based on checks, determining accounts receivable. Personal determination and freedom was greatly encouraged as students tried to work on the problems themselves. On occasion, students would offer each other advice when one was struggling, which the teacher would not object to, and often added more to what another student said. When an explicit question was asked the teacher made a point to come and sit down next to the student. She started answering his question by asking the student what the previous steps were.
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