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LAI 350 Observation Paper 8

LAI 350 Observation Paper 8 - task and offering advice on...

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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 8 In a sixth grade social studies class I observed a lesson about cultural diffusion. The teacher briefly introduces the topic and as he is about to introduce the term cultural diffusion he has the students make a drum roll to get them excited. He then tells the students that this is a wall word, which the students apparently know means to grab an index card and write the term on one side and the definition on the other. He also gives them a few minutes to decorate the card. He then tells the students to settle back down that they are done with ‘I’ conversations and gets back into the topic by having the students tell him their favorite foods. He then ties it all together by discussing how food is just one example of cultural diffusion. The students are then given ten minutes to work on a previously assigned political cartoon. He walks around keeping students on
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Unformatted text preview: task and offering advice on their drawing. He sets aside 10 minutes for DEAR time – drop everything and read. When students begin discussions rather than reading he asks them for respect and reminds them that it is disrespectful to talk when he instructed them to do a task. The teacher seems to have a routine way of introducing a topic as he gives students time to decorate a page in their journal as the cover for a new topic. He quickly moves from task to task, keeping the class on track. He obviously has high expectations as students are already aware what tasks they have to do. It seems that sometimes the teacher switches from lesson to assignment so quickly students do not finish what he asked them to do, so I can only assume what they don’t finish they are expected to complete at home. He adds fire to the lesson as students seem excited to learn about the topic....
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LAI 350 Observation Paper 8 - task and offering advice on...

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