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Study Guide for Biol 215 lecture final Fall 07

Study Guide for Biol 215 lecture final Fall 07 - Study...

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Study Guide for Biol 215 Lecture Final Exam: 0700 – 0900 AM Friday, Dec 14th. Note: the exam is closed notes and closed books. I will supply all of the paper and tables, if needed. You will not even need a calculator. Please use the restroom before you begin the exam. Reports of cheating in other classes have made me very cautious about allowing students to leave the room during the exam. Any use of cell phones or other devices for communication during the exam is strictly forbidden, will be regarded as cheating, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. This exam will mainly focus on everything covered since the last midterm. This will include 1-way anova, a-posteriori tests, completely randomized and randomized blocks experimental design and analysis, regression, correlation, and frequency analysis. Additionally, as promised the exam might also include questions on 1) the meaning and/or interpreting standard errors; 2) Type I and Type II error and power; and/or 3) P-values.
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