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History 130 Quiz One Due Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at the beginning of class Answer each of the following questions in paragraph/essay form. Please either type or print your responses. You may work in small groups of two or three (no larger), but you do not have to. If you choose to work in groups, please turn in only ONE copy of your collective quiz with the names of all those participating on it. 1. Bacon’s Rebellion is seen by many historians to be very important to the development of the coming United States. First, give a brief outline of the events involved in the rebellion and thin explain the significance of the event itself.
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Unformatted text preview: Why is/was it “important” to the developing country? 2. How did community and family life in the Chesapeake compare with that of Massachusetts? How did the two areas develop differently (significance) as a result of those differences? What regional differences do we see? 3. What were the roles of women and the family in colonial America? How were women treated in the new colonies? What were the characteristics of a “good” woman (what made a good woman good)? Did they differ by region? If so, how? What were the long-term effects or historical significance concerning the role of women in the early years of settlement?...
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