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Acts - Book Fact Chart - Genre Historical Account PART B...

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Brent Meschuk RS-010-1 2-17-08 Book: Acts PART A Authorship: Author of Acts is assumed to be Luke. The preface of Acts states that Theophilus is a patron of the author. Mention of a former book about the life of Jesus almost guarantees the author is Luke. Date and Place: This is a great debate between theologians. It must have been written before 70 AD, because there is no mention of the destruction of Jerusalem in Acts. Others say the absence of sources would prove that the destruction occurred and would infer its omission from the book. Historical Context: The Jewish Christian Church is centered in Jerusalem, for 15 years. Its central figure is Peter. The other church, that of the Gentiles, is centered in Antioch and the figure of Paul. The Church becomes consolidated, and John becomes central figure, centered in Ephesus. Augustus is ruling Rome, writes the Pax Romana. (Kulihovsky 238-250)
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Unformatted text preview: Genre: Historical Account PART B Major Themes: Spread of the Gospel, Separation from Jews One Sentence Summary: The ministry of the Apostles and Paul of Tarsus sets the tone for a historical account of the early Christian church. Outline: I. Jerusalem and its Christian Roots-Jesus Rises 1) Gospel spread and preached throughout known world 2) Apostles-Pentecost 1) Peters Great Sermon 2) Breaking the Bread-Lame Man Healed-Persecution 1) Christians 2) Cleansing within Christianity-Believers and Martyring of Stephen II. Spread of the Church-Christians spread sporadically throughout all the lands-Paul converts-Gentiles convert-Herod continues persecution III. Worldwide Christianity-First missionary-Council in Jerusalem-2 nd missionary-3 rd missionary-Paul heads to Rome Works Cited: 1) Kulikovsky, Andrew. 1999. The Historical Context of the Book of Acts . New York...
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Acts - Book Fact Chart - Genre Historical Account PART B...

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