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Titus Book Fact Chart

Titus Book Fact Chart - Genre Apostolic Epistle...

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Brent Meschuk RS 010-1 April 2, 2008 Titus Book Chart Book: Titus Part A Authorship : Historians believe that the letter was most likely written by someone who was enthralled with Paul’s teachings and wanted to extend his teachings to Titus. This letter is a Pastoral Letter of Paul’s. (Green, Thompson, Actemeier) Date and Place : Due to the unspecific authorship of Titus, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where Titus was written. From the text it is apparent that the letter was written after Paul was released from prison in 61 CE. Historical Context : Paul was nearing the end of his life, and knew he could possibly be executed. His entire goal was to continue the gospel, and should he be gone he would need someone who could keep the gospel going with some form of organization. It seems Titus was written as an appeal to take on the gospel after he was gone.
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Unformatted text preview: Genre : Apostolic Epistle. Instructions Part B Themes : Completion of the mission, doing good things in the Lord’s name One sentence summary : Good deeds are rewarded in the eyes of the Lord and through ourselves we must continue the mission to spread Christianity throughout the world. Outline I. Introduction A. Salutation B. Bishop Criteria C. False teachers in Crete D. Cretans are to be rebuked II. Policy for behavior A. Teach the full true doctrine B. Instructs Titus III. Paganism and Christianity A. Titus given instructions 1. dealing with false teachers B. Benediction Works Cited 1.) Achtemeier, Paul J., Green, Joel B., Thompson, Marriane M. “Introducing the New Testament”. Grand Rapids, WM. Eerdmans Company, 2001....
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Titus Book Fact Chart - Genre Apostolic Epistle...

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