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Study Question 1 - that celebration should be kept to a...

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Robert Treyes 10341094 History 21C Study Question: 1 The coming of the Industrial Revolution propelled America to be an industrial powerhouse. With new machinery filling factories, owners looked for a new source of employees to enforce a new work ethic. Factory owners wanted their employees to live a cleaner life with no alcohol or parties. They increased worked hours to nearly 12 hours a day and extended the work week to 6 days a week. Furthermore, they enforced rules that prohibited drinking alcohol, gambling, or other negative behaviors at work. If those rules were broken fines were imposed among those that broke them. They justified their actions by stating that by forcing more hours and rules there would be less time for “extra curricular activities” and would lead to better production at work. Immigrants did not like this change at all. Many immigrants practice various religions that viewed several celebrations as holidays. This conflicted with the owner’s ideas
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Unformatted text preview: that celebration should be kept to a minimum. As a result, many immigrant workers were forced to skip out some of their religious views resulting in a change of culture. Many immigrants hated working in America for that fact that they were being worked so hard and were forced to lose their culture. In their homeland, many immigrants liked to celebrate a hard day’s work by having a few drinks and socializing with friends but because of the restrictions and rules here, they couldn’t. Also, many immigrants thought America would be a place where they could make money and have a good time. Many planned to make enough money and return home to their families where they would buy a farm. They did not expect such harsh conditions and with wages so low they felt that if they didn’t make enough money they should leave. As accident rates, harsher conditions, and less freedom rose many immigrants left America disgruntled....
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