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Robert Treyes 10341094 International Issues Paper The internet has become a part of daily life for everyone around the world. It can be used for web browsing, banking, gaming, and even chatting with loved ones that are halfway across the globe. However, to the little country of Estonia, the internet is used by its major banks, Parliament, the president and even schools. On April 26 th , Estonia became the first victim on what is known as a “virtual war”. On this day, Estonia decided to relocate an old Russian WWII statue which caused an uproar by the Russians and Russian born Estonians. Expecting for the worse, Estonia buckled up for riots and even set up several firewalls for web attacks. What they didn’t expect was several packets and streams from several internet protocols flooded the Estonia server shutting down all means of use for the internet and causing several Euros in damage. When searching for a newspaper I collected three from reliable sources: two from the New York Times and another from The Guardian. I decided to go with The Guardian because I wanted at least one European source for my report to try and see if there were any bias reported by the English or if the news on the articles varied between the English and American papers. My first article, After Computer Siege in Estonia, War Fears Turn to Cyberspace , goes very in depth into the attacks that have occurred this past month. The attacks officially began the day when Estonian authorities decided to relocate a bronze WWII memorial statue from a park. According to the articles the monthlong attacks on the tiny country of Estonia was a massive data flood that was set off by orders from Russia or
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ethnic Russians in retaliation to the removal of the statue. At first extra firewalls and servers were set up in preparation for expected attacks, what they didn’t expect was a flood of junk messages that shut down Parliament. To magnify the assault hackers took over several computers around the world as far as Peru and China with bots to help flood Estonian web space. At certain points, attackers sent huge packets of data to measure the capacity of the network then later put the Estonian routers and switches to its upper limits. After the first week, Estonia rallied all its computer experts from government departments and banks to help keep their service running for an expected attack to come during the Russian holiday of Victory Day. Although Estonia cannot be sure of who initiated the attacks, their plans were posted in a Russian language forum and found
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International Issues Paper - Robert Treyes 10341094...

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