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7.4 Ponder Your Profession Assignment

7.4 Ponder Your Profession Assignment - would be...

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7.4 Ponder Your Profession Assignment Respond to the two questions below and click on the Next button at the top of the page to submit your work for "Activity 7.04 Ponder a Profession." Your response to each question should be in the form of a well-written paragraph. 1. What path in life are you seriously considering for the next "phase" of your life: military, college, or the work force? (Explain your choices as specifically as you can using your notes from the steps above.) I am 100% considering college as the next phrase in my life. I have always wanted to further my education in a universal setting, traveling and learning or maybe even studying abroad. I am not entirely sure what subject of study I will choose but I love the arts. Performing arts like dance are my number one choice, however I love to read and write so I may also take that route. The website I visited showed I
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Unformatted text preview: would be parTcularly good in the reading and wriTng area oF study. Although I’m not sure which direcTon my educaTon will take, I know without a doubt that I want to go to college For my next phase in my liFe. 2. What do you need to do right now to prepare for this path? Did you Fnd any topics worthy of study for your I-search paper? What I need right now to prepare For this path is to fnish up my current educaTon as well as fnish my athleTc goal oF compeTng as an internaTonal elite gymnast and making the 2016 Olympic trial. Once I have completed these, I will be going to college. However, even iF I do not make the Olympic trials I will sTll a³end a university. I Found many topics oF study For this For y I-search paper. I have not narrowed it down completely, but I have many topics and ideas worthy oF study....
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