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Robert Treyes UCI Tech Writing 2:00-3:20 Memorandum Date: January 29, 2008 To: UCI Tech Students From: Robert Treyes RE: Four Rules from The Elements of Style This is the third set of rules from The Elements of Style . Rules 9-12 discuss proper use of nouns, pronouns, subject, and design. More specifically the first three rules focus on subject verb agreement. The first rule form chapter two focuses on having a basic design in your writing for better flow. Rule 9: The number of the subject determines the number of the verb This rule states that the number of words that intervene between subject and verb does not affect the number of the verb. Furthermore, a single verb should be used after each, either, everyone, everybody and nobody. In addition, compound subjects with two or more nouns that are joined by and should have a plural verb. Some certain quirks like the contents of a book being singular should be remembered. Rule 10: Use of proper case of pronoun
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