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Robert Treyes UCI Tech Writing 2:00-3:20 Memorandum Date: February 12, 2008 To: UCI Tech Students From: Robert Treyes RE: Four Rules from The Elements of Style This is the fourth set of rules from The Elements of Style . Similar to the first three memos, they will involve rules of writing. However, there is still a pretty big difference from the other three sets because this week’s set of rules are all about how to write and have a style. The first three were always on rules of writing and grammatical correctness. Rule 17: Omit needless words The rule states the all sentences should be concise and straight to the point. This rule has an emphasis on omitting words that add no value to the sentence. For example, ‘there no doubt but that’ can be written as ‘no doubt’. The second sentence has the same effect as the first and is shorter and straight to the point. Furthermore, a fine point is that using the passive voice is usually shorter than using passive. Rule 18: Avoid a succession of loose sentences
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