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Robert Treyes UCI Tech Writing 2:00-3:20 Memorandum Date: February 26, 2008 To: UCI Tech Students From: Robert Treyes RE: Four Rules from The Elements of Style This is the sixth set of rules from The Elements of Style . Similar to the first three memos, they will involve rules of writing. However, there is still a pretty big difference from the other three sets because this week’s set of rules are all about how to write and have a style. The first three were always on rules of writing and grammatical correctness. Rule 3: Work from a suitable design Before beginning to compose something, gauge the nature and extent of the enterprise and wrk from a suitable design. Design informs event he simplest structure, whether of brick and steel or of prose. You raise a pup tent from one sort of vision, a cathedral from another. This does not mean that you must sit with a blueprint always in front of you, merely that you had best anticipate what you are getting into. Sometimes, of course, impulse and emotion are more compelling than
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