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Robert Treyes UCI Tech Writing 2:00-3:20 Memorandum Date: March 11, 2008 To: UCI Tech Students From: Robert Treyes RE: Four Rules from The Elements of Style This memo will evaluate Group 5, oranges>Apples, on their group project. The project was a scientific experiments investigating if listening to music enhances scholastic production. The project was complete over a span of 3 weeks where each member played a vital roll in the completion of the project. Member 1: Eric Vickers Eric did little in the planning process. While searching for a topic he constantly agreed with the other members and gave very little input. While distributing the test Eric did his roll and accumulated 10 test subjects. While putting the work together for the presentation and final paper, Eric did a good job in compiling all the data and results for the final paper. In addition, he gave a good presentation. Member 2: Elizabeth Goldstein Elizabeth was a very hard worker in the group. After the topic was decided, Erica worked hard
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