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Robert Treyes UCI Tech Write 2PM The Black Market The sun rises and brings a new day, for some people their day consists of smiles and laughter with families and friends but for others it means another cruel day in reality. Thousands of people are put on organ donor lists and wait for years to receive a gift for a new life, but most people never live to see that day. With a shortage in donors and lives coming to an end, patients find their passage to a new beginning in the black market. In the movie “Dirty Pretty Things”, you are exposed to the dangerous world of organ dealing. Watchers are introduced by crooked hotel owner Sergi Lopez as he runs his operation in his hotel. However, according to the New York Times THE ORGAN TRADE some of the details are stretched for Hollywood. In the article, they writer tells a story of Alberty da Silva, a poor man from Brazil. Living below the poverty line, he heard an opportunity of a lifetime to earn some extra cash by selling his healthy kidney for $6000. An ill elderly woman from Brooklyn was dying from her failing kidney and found a donor through a middleman in the black market. Although illegal in the US, she felt she had more to offer in life and decided to go on with the process. Da Silva was flown from Brazil to South Africa where the surgery would take place. In most cases, several donors were treated poorly and left in run down hotels. Furthermore, after surgery the receivers were kept in nice hotels and
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The Black Market - Robert Treyes UCI Tech Write 2PM The...

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