Chapter 2

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Unformatted text preview: r covalent bonds "set the stage" for hydrogen bonding. Covalent bonds are relatively stable associations between two atomic nuclei in the same molecule. Hydrogen bonds are relatively unstable (weak) associations between atomic nuclei that are constituents of two different molecules (intermolecular H bondng) or between atoms in the same molecule (intra-molecular hydrogen bonding). 3 of 5 Bio 20A-M. Dalbey 2.3 The Chemistry of Life (Chapter 2) 3/29/08 p. 30 How do Atoms Change Partners in Chemical Reactions? One of the most important concepts in biochemistry, and seemingly one of the most difficult to grasp, is the distinction between the kinetic properties and the equilibrium properties of a chemical system. These properties govern, respectively, the rate, or the directio...
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