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Chapter 2

The covalent bond between c and h would be almost

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Unformatted text preview: 1.7 units are generally to be considered bonds with predominantly "ionic" character. CsF would be an ionic compound. The covalent bond between C and H would be almost completely non-polar because of the small difference in the electronegativity values of these elements. Polar covalent bonds, such as between C and O would fall somewhere between these two extremes. The partial ionic charge on an atomic nucleus in a polar covalent bond is frequently denoted by the symbols - or +. 2 of 5 Bio 20A-M. Dalbey The Chemistry of Life (Chapter 2) 3/29/08 The method for determining valences described in this section is essentially based on what you may have learned in chemistry classes as the "Octet Rule". The Octet Rule states: "atoms...
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