Exam 2 review key terms

Exam 2 review key terms - 12 Nicodemus Other 1 Swoon Theory...

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Terms 1. Miracle 2. Signs 3. Theism – God created the world and works in it 4. Deism – God created the world, but does not interfere with it 5. Mishnah – oral interpretation of the Law 6. Nomos- Greek word for Law a. Torah b. Old Testament c. Mishnah d. 10 commandments 7. Yom Kippur 8. Sinner according to Pharisees a. sinner = did not observe the whole law 9. Jesus’ definition of a sinner a. All sin 10. Parallelism a. When a point is somehow restated 11. Parable 12. Parable of contrast 13. Antonia fortress a. Housed Roman troops b. Right next to the Temple 14. Seder a. Order of the elements in the Passover meal 15. Resurrection
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16. Triclimium a. Table arrangement (think Lane salad bar) People 1. Malchus- had his ear cut off; probably became a believer 2. Annas- Uncle of High Priest; former High Priest 3. Caiaphus- High Priest 4. Sanhedrin- Council of Pharisees and Sadducees 5. Herod Antipas – Current ruler over Galilee 6. Pilate – current ruler over Judea 7. Josephus – Jewish historian 8. Joseph of Arimathea 9. Saul 10. Mary Magdalene 11. Thomas
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Nicodemus Other 1. Swoon Theory a. Jesus wasn’t really dead 2. Wrong Tomb Theory 3. Theft Theory 4. Hallucination theory 5. Mythological parallelism theory 6. List the Events of Holy Week in chronological order with days 7. Who was the first apostle? a. Mary Magdalene 8. Why do we think Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene? 9. What are some aspects of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances that show them to be authentic? 10. T /F Jesus’ last appearance was to Saul 11. T/ F Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances were to provide belief to unbelievers. 12. T /F The Resurrection is the climax of the Gospel 13. T /F The resurrection of Jesus is a non-scientific event. 14. T/ F The resurrection of Jesus is an historical event which happened in history. Holy Week Sunday – Triumphal Entry Monday – Cleansing of the Temple Thursday – Last Supper, Betrayal, Arrest Friday – Trials, Crucifixion, Burial Sunday - Resurrection...
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Exam 2 review key terms - 12 Nicodemus Other 1 Swoon Theory...

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