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concert review2

concert review2 - Jason Nuss Concert Review#2 I attended...

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Jason Nuss 2/27/2008 Concert Review #2 I attended Christi Amonson’s Doctorate of Music Arts Ensemble Recital Monday Feb. 25, 2008. Overall it was an impressive and incredibly diverse show. The show opened with a Spanish segment of Joaquin Rodrigo’s Cuatro Madrigales Amatorios and Pablo Luna’s De España Vengo (El niño Judio). Both of these songs started show and then picked up in the second half of the song with a more fast paced upbeat rhythm and Christi’s singing sounded good and her voice was projected well but she was singing in Spanish so I am not the right person to comment on whether she did well in this movement. I loved how the piano (Hector Acosta), violins(Rebekah Butler and Helen Grotans), and viola (Callie Hutchinson) played together but I didn’t notice the cello too much it seemed to be playing in the background of everything else. The second movement was Franz Schubert’s Der Hirt Auf Dem Felsen with the clarinet (Wendy Mazon) and piano (Kyungsun Choi).
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