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concert review3 - where interestingly Titus Andronicus...

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Jason Nuss MUS100 Amonson 3-30-08 Concert Review #3 I attended Joseph Turner’s trombone senior recital on March 29, 2008 in Crowder hall. The recital consisted of four movements, three of which were accompanied by Chanwook Park on piano. The first movement was Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise. It had a slow sad mood for the most part but throughout the piece it had crescendos and then it they would rest and pick it up with a slow sad mood again. I guess Vocalise is an appropriate title for the piece. The second movement was Benedetto Marcello’s Sonata in C major. This piece was interesting because he played it four times one time it was adagio, then allegro, then largo, then allegro again. Each time he finished a style he coughed and blew into his trombone. Chanwook then gave Joseph the head nod and they began the next style. The third movement was after a ten minute intermission where I had to look all over the music building for soda machine before I finally found one on the theatre side of the building
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Unformatted text preview: where interestingly Titus Andronicus characters were walking in and out of doors. This piece was Malcolm Arnolds Fantasy for Trombone, which was the only piece that Chanwook Park sat out. I enjoyed this piece very much and I thought I heard part of the theme song to Rocky in there for a bit, it was a striking resemblance. The fourth movement was Eric Ewazens Sonata which was similar to the second movement in that it had three styles. The first style was allegro maestoso which had a jazz type opening and then slowed down. The second style was adagio which was slow and sad mooded throughout. The final style was allegro giocoso which opened quick, got slow, and then got quick again. This last style was an appropriate fun ending to the recital which I enjoyed since it was a longer piece and had such different tempos throughout....
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concert review3 - where interestingly Titus Andronicus...

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