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lab 6 friction - Jason Nuss Physics 181 Baker Friction...

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Jason Nuss Physics 181 Baker 10/12/2007 Friction Goals of the Experiment: The experiment will test the effect of the change in normal force on the change of frictional force by using known masses suspended vertically and known masses moving horizontally. The coefficient of kinetic friction will be determined from the slope of the graph force of kinetic friction v. normal force. Introduction: In this experiment the critical angle or angle at which static friction converts to kinetic friction is tested by placing sled of known mass on a track and raising the track from the horizontal. By measuring the height of the track when the sled begins to move and the length of the track that makes the angle to the table the sin -1 of the height divided by the track length is the critical angle. The force of static friction can be calculated with this angle by using the equation f s = Mgsinθ. The force of kinetic friction is found from another experiment, by having a sled on a horizontal track attached to a suspended mass through a pulley and photogates along the track measure the time between gates for the sled. Using the known distance and recorded time the acceleration can be found using the equation a = (2d)/t 2 and the accelerations calculated can be used with the known masses in the system in the equation f k = mg – (M+m)a to find the force of kinetic friction assuming g is 9.8 m/s 2 . These calculations will be plotted against the normal force of the sled against the track to identify the correlation between these items as linear. The slope of the line is also the coefficient of kinetic friction in the equation f k = μ k N.
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lab 6 friction - Jason Nuss Physics 181 Baker Friction...

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