Lecture 5 - Jesus' Birth, Parents, and Childhood

Lecture 5 - Jesus' Birth, Parents, and Childhood - Jesus Bi...

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Unformatted text preview: Jesus' Bi rth, Parents, and Childhood Genealogies o o o o Important in Judaism of the day In the NT to show that Jesus is in the line of David Matthew Joseph's Family begins with Abraham Luke Mary's Family begins with Adam o o Heli Mary's father Mark no genealogy John "In the Beginning" Bi r th o o Virgin birth Christology o Study of the two natures of Christ full divinity and full humanity Study of how those two natures relate to each other Joseph and Mary were probably around 14-15 Kiddushim first stage of mar r iage Nissuim second stage of mar r iage; consummation Childhood o Luke 2:41 Jesus left in Jerusalem during Passover; Jesus learning in the Temple o Luke 2:52 Jesus grew in stature, wisdom, and favor with God and men ...
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